Leadership & Guidance Committee

The Leadership & Guidance Committee is mandated to develop the direction and strategies of the Teshivah Trumpet Worship Centre  (TTWC) agenda. All spiritual development activities are closely aligned with TTWC strategic priorities and responsive to the diverse needs and capabilities of our members. Committee members take a leadership role in promoting and communicating the overall Vision & Mission of TTWC in relation to the work of Restoration and the growth of the Ministry. The Committee is chaired by Reverends Charlie and Mollie George.



The Committee will work with TTWC Executives and Office holders to:

  • Define the critically important Spiritual development needs of its members with emphasis on imparting key leadership traits, building skills, deepening knowledge and understanding, strengthening networks, and inspiring the commitment collectively to the mission of TTWC.
  • Assess the current state of the Ministry and development programs and/or initiatives together with related Teachings and/or Activities geared toward strengthening the capacity of TTWC to touch the lifes of its members and  those of every Papua New Guinean with the Gospel made in Zion!
  • Provide guidance to the other Committees that form the heart and soul of the Key TTWC Leadership