Marriage Counselling Committee

While a wedding day has the promise of all things bright, no marriage is without its ups and downs. When communication stops, feelings of doubt, mistrust and hurt can settle on both spouses. This may be the time to reach out to a Marriage Counsellor(s). Our Marriage Counselling Committee is here to guide a couple in determining what the real issues are and how to better solve differences in relation to what the Torah teaches. As one of the very first Institutions created by Elohim, TTWC understands the importance of Marriage and the part it plays in Gods plan for Salvation.


Our Marriage Counselling Committee sees both individuals and married couples. Sometimes, a woman will seek counseling on her own because her husband refuses to attend meetings or she wants advice about him without him hearing the conversations and vise versa. Other times, a couple concludes together that the marriage is not working and attends sessions together in order to better understand what led them to that juncture in their married lives togther. When a couple comes to counselling together, it is the Committee’s role to Pray with and Encourage them to come together with YHWH as the third string in their marriage.

Each case is treated with absolute Confidentiality and is always taken to the Most High through Prayer as the source of all Abundance and Wisdom