Projects & Acquisition Committee

As the name suggests, the Teshuvah Trumpet Worship Centre’s (TTWC) Project & Acquisition Committee provides the guidance to steer a project through from start to completion. Sometimes it might be formed entirely by core team leaders from the TTWC developing and implementing the project, but more usually it is made up of representatives of key organisations who are partners in the project, and/or who have particular expertise to lend to the project, and/or whose clients are the intended users of the output of the project.


The Projects & Acquisition Committee’s role is to provide advice, ensure delivery of the project outputs and the achievement of project outcomes. This may include such tasks as:

• Providing input to the development of the project, including the evaluation strategy;

• Providing advice on the budget;

• Defining and helping to achieve the project outcomes;

• Identifying the priorities in the project – where the most energy should be directed;

• Identifying potential risks;

• Monitoring risks;

• Monitoring timelines;

• Monitoring the quality of the project as it develops;

• Providing advice (and sometimes making decisions) about changes to the project as it develops.

The Committee provides support, guidance and oversight of progress.