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A Сommunity that brings the Torah to Life. Led by the Ruach Hakodesh.
Join us as we share the Word of God to Papua New Guinea and the rest of the world and learn the true Gospel made in Zion.
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The Vision

The Teshuvah Trumpet Worship Centre was established in 1994, Papua New Guinea (PNG) under the Guidance and Mentorship of Reverend Charlie George.

Teshuvah Worship Centre is a partner to the KAD - ESH MAP Ministries based in the Land of Israel.

As a member of the Body of Yeshua throughout PNG and the World, we are committed to forging lasting alliances within all sectors of the community from the Rural Areas to Heads of State and the Government ushering in the Messianic Era.

We are tasked, as a Messianic body within PNG, to bring our nation and its people back to the original truth made in Zion.

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The TESHUVAH TRUMPET WORSHIP CENTRE exists and responds to the call, in obedience to to the Word of GOD

To be a light to the Body of YESHUA with a message of REPENTANCE from Replacement Theology and to be RESTORED to the GOSPEL made in ZION with JEWISH ROOTS.

ACTS 3:19


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